Thursday, November 19, 2009

bugs in macro

Click on the photo to enlarge.

I will call it a Beetle In the uk this bug is green and always feeding on the leaves of fruit plants
and trees. its more like a large aphid about 1/2" in length (15mm) so you can guess how small the flies are.

Pentatomoidea shield bug

As I was on my knees taking this photo A farmer came over and started the usual crap I need money. If you know what I am photographing I will give you one hundred pound ( £10.00
$5.5 ) the amount they will make in 2 weeks.
You take photo of my field? " no "
My donkey? " no ",
you can take photo of my donkey for 100 egp. no thank you I said I already have photo of many donkey. but my donkey is special very strong donkey, It has too be I said with all those wield marks on its back. not understanding anything I said only 100 pound.
I showed him the photo of the beetle . where he asked and I pointed to the area where the beetle was . where again he asked, so I cut the grass the beetle was on to show him.
defeated he muttered under his breath and walked off. calling me a crazy man. and giving the crazy sign with his fingers to his head. and if this my hobby is crazy, Maybe I am. But who is crazy some guy who grows clover and spends all day cutting it to feed his donkey who is tethered all day, so it can eat when it gets home. why not tether the donkey so it can graze,

This the guy I had a photo of him the other day. asking for money. maybe he did not recognise me because I was in a Galabeya (local menswear)
smile we are in Egypt's wonderland.

one of the tiny flies, these are smaller than the ordinary house fly
not much bigger than a pin head. only the smallest of the spiders bother eating these.

Just to give you an Idea on the size of these bugs!
Look at your nail on the little finger this spider is about the same size legs and all.
the parent spiders are about twice the size ( first photo on 13/11/09 blog)

This one is the same size

An ant caught in the spiders web its too small for the spider
so its just been left to dry

another one of the strange micro bugs in Egypt

All the following were taken with a macro lens at 6.30 while they where asleep.

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