Friday, May 28, 2010

From my garden in wales

All these shots were taken in 2004

ome of the flowers from our garden are on

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Saturday, May 22, 2010

honey bee

a honey bee hovering near the mallow notice the pollen on the legs

Not sure what was on the mallow leaves but they sure had a good roll on them.

This is a tiny wasp, lots of bugs and stuff on my blog

The grasshopper another master of disguise

Friday, May 21, 2010

Beetle, Type of fly and a house fly

Today I am bored out of my skin, unable to leave the flat with backache. but as you will see, if I do not go out to see the wildlife they come to me, Just as I finished today's blog and settled myself in a comfortable position to do some more writting on my autobiography. something that was prompted by Mary on her stone wall. and Kerry with her foggy landscape. this beetle flew in and landed on the top of my flat screen. it seems quite damaged after taking a few shots and putting on the computer it seems to have lost a couple of its legs. this one would not keep still even though I put it in a plastic container to restrain, If I knew its legs were missing I would have sprayed it and then taken photos but I do not like to do that . as soon as I finished I let it fly off the end of my finger to the great big world. from where it flew in from.

This is no bigger than a pin head first I thought it was a gnat , the shots where taken 1" from the subject in macro. the tiny spider is not much bigger that also was taken 1" from the spider,

Just as the sun was setting I had a late visitor. I do not know the name of this species of fly , and this fly I do not mind because it does not land on me like the house flies, they just land on the balcony rail and bask in the sun, and I can get within 1" to macro photo them , Its just that I think they are wonderfully made as are all things God made. It did not land in a good place for macro as the setting sun was in the lens.

Then I went up on the roof to check on the little pigeon chicks but alas I think the rats have made a meal of them, such is life. but I did get a rather good photo of one of the young Doves , it stayed quite close they are very flighty and I do not blame them with the young kestrels about not to mention rats


Unsure whether to stay or go. a gust of wind then made her mind up.

the young falcons are still sleeping in the nests, they where have great time flying against the breeze. but most of the time too far away for a good shot.

.And the end of another day very hot again in the late 40s, not 38 as the world weather said,

Quarter moon direct above as the sun was setting behind the Valley of the Queens.

full close tele100x400 lens on today's setting sun