Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Periplaneta americana, American cockroach

Periplaneta americana, American cockroach

Every one has cockroaches somewhere lurking about around the home, yuk" here in Egypt we have the
Periplaneta americana, American cockroach . its not that I get them in my flat as I am on the fourth floor but they are here and every now and again I go down to the lower floor hide -e - hole cupboard and spray.
the hide-e-hole is where the service area for all the pipes service water sewage etc, there is also a service manhole that is home to the cockroach and if not sealed properly the periplaneta escape and invade the building mostly coming out at night. this manhole has no seal. . as I went down this morning early to take my garbage out I also took my ragon spray this is what I spray in my bedroom against mosquito.
and works well killing cockroaches, at 10 30 I went out again and saw 2 dead bugs near the entrance door put them in a carrier bag to take photos of (.no not in the bag) when I got back to my flat I took the roaches out of the bag to take photos of and here they are dead as a dodo ,

I then looked up cockroaches on line and came up with a whole list. and these are Periplaneta americana, American cockroach

so many too choose from

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