Monday, November 2, 2009


Where did it go nice shot if the dandelion seed head though.

white butterfly

At last I managed to get a closer picture of the black dot butterfly
this has been around for quite a while but never seems to land anywhere near anything that moves. always on the wing so to speak. but today It landed almost 4ft away panic panic get the adjustment right do O move ! ah well just try and it stayed where it was until a bee passed and it was gone again.

There are not many yellow butterfly,s about unlike the Painted Lady
getting a decent shot has been quite hard this last one I saw it fly off as I approached stood still in the area and it came back to the flower it was on. only one shot its was a good job i set the focus on the flower before it came back.

Painted Lady (Vanessa cardui),


Monarch:Danaus plexippus butterfly looks so beautiful in flight with the sun shining through its wings. its the first time I have seen it. I am sure one of my followers can put a name to it. "please" Photos taken with canon 450D and EF 75-300mm lens at 3 meters distance.

These tiny butterflies are everywhere

Tiny butterfly in Macro

These tiny butterflies are everywhere

There are hundreds of these tiny butterflies around at the moment getting a photo close enough to get a shot of the wings open is nigh near impossible. but try I will just have to be patient.

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