Sunday, November 1, 2009

More bugs

Not seen this insect before its about the size of a bumble bee'
I have only been photographing the wild life for about 9 months but as far as I can tell it seems the bees and ants are around all the year the dragons seem to have days some have a couple of weeks, there is the red darter that seems to be here since I started noticing the different species,
and the birds, most are migrant apart from the Little white heron The Cattle Egrets, bee eaters and of course the sparrows, so I never know what bird or insect I will see tomorrow on my walk, i am sure the yellow spiders are not here all the time or I would have noticed them if the dragons are here so are the damsels, they also seem to vary to season. if you go back to on my first wildlife blog you will see the Sqacco herons ( Ardeola ralloides) that first caught my interest in the wild life here.

I can not get these painted ladies to open there wings for me
I see them on a bloom with open wings and as soon as the
camera is out they close up.

Nice too see the Ladybirds in the fields
looks like this one has its Halloween mask on

move Bugs

Looks like this lady has been through a stressful time,

The Damsels are getting quite scarce now I suppose its near the end of the season

Front view of the stick insect.

I only saw this when I was taking a shot of the beetle they
just blend in with the grasses.

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Lookes like this grasshopper has armored itself.

one with a damaged wing

A turtle doves down feather caught on on of the grass heads


I think this is a good shot this was taken from 10ft / 3 meters
the dragon is about 1" long and one of the smallest I have shot.

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Another bug with long antenna

This damsel was on the plants the butterflies are on
and is about 1/2 " long will most likely end up as food for a dragonfly
Ants on the Fever tree

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