Monday, September 6, 2010

Argiope bruennichi,the Wasp Spider in spiders heaven

Argiope bruennichi, known as the Wasp Spider. That zig-zag ribbon of silk is called the stabilimentum - there are several theories as to its purpose.

Garden spider

Not seen this spider before, Name ?????

I have put this on Here because this is what catches bugs on wings.
Today I went for my usual walk down the canal hoping to see spiders,
Yesterday I took a late afternoon walk and saw more cobwebs than usual
and did not have the camera with me so today I went out specifically to see and shoot spiders,
there are always tiny spiders in and around my flat most are too small to get a decent photo of.
the ones I have are already on the blog. there is one that looks like it has four eyes. but in fact only has two. the first photo taken with my pocket camera.
Showing how small the spiders are, here I am holding the grass down to get a decent photo

the ones I did capture today are nothing like what I was expecting to see.the first two photos are the same spider back underside.

Tiny spiders leaving the nest with the parent not too far away.

A few yards up the path there was another with its back to the canal bank
so had to be happy with an under& side shot These spiders are not very big I should say about 2" in full length.

Garden spider

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In the bottom corner of this photo you can see how minute these spiders are/
Makes one wonder how they make these huge cotton wool webs.
I never saw one bigger than this.

Todays18/10/09 spiders will be swapped with the older spider shots

Wrapping a dragonfly up in a neat parcel

Another species of spider formed this type of web

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This is the species around the flat

Yum yum butterfly for lunch.

and a dragon for dinner.

Spiders nest sack

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Spiders are all over the place now.

A very small spider that makes no webs it chases after its prey,

I took this photo of the daddy long legs it had made a web in my refuse bin
not sure what it thought I threw away?

spiders of Japan.

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