Wednesday, August 11, 2010


This is another what at first sight seems to be a white butterfly not sure if its the leaves that make it look green.

two butterflies where today quite happy to be models . neither of which I have an I D for. so a little help will be welcome.
this was I thought at first just a black and white butterfly.

Then it flew off only to land in a better position for a photo Just as it flew off another white one came and landed inside one of the bushes great I thought but its only a large white.

About to give up on the butterfly its too damned hot, the white flew past and landed on a flower 4ft away.

The sun realy brought out the colours in the delicate wings

not a bad shot of the flower either,

Didnt I get carried away with the what was black and white buterflies,

A green tailed damselfly

Quite a few skinks scurrying about in the blazing hot sun.

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